Oman: Aramex opens new advanced courier operation facility

Aramex unveiled a new and advanced courier operation facility in Muscat, Oman this week.

This launch of this facility will help streamline operations right from package arrival to their final delivery.

The hi-tech facility is conveniently located near the Muscat Airport to serve as a central hub for Aramex’s operations.

Aramex centre has the latest tech to enhance logistics management

This will help facilitate faster delivery times and more efficient logistics management for the company.

Featuring the latest sorting and processing technology to ensure precision and efficiency, the new facility is equipped with non-stop CCTV surveillance, improved access control, and strict security protocols.

The facility will also serve as a customer service centre, delivering face-to-face assistance and swift support for any inquiries that customers might have.

Samer Marei, VP – GCC at Aramex , said: “This facility marks a significant milestone in Aramex’s dedication to enhancing global shipping capabilities. It enables us to provide even more efficient and reliable services to customers, contributing to the growth of the logistics sector in the sultanate.

The facility is also set to support the local job market by creating new job opportunities.

Harsh Kumar, chief strategy officer and co-founder at Shipsy, a smart logistics management platform, said: “Aramex’s new facility in Oman will significantly improve the region’s end-to-end logistics operations, starting right from package arrival to the last-mile delivery. This development mirrors the commitment of the Emirati multinational logistics, courier, and package delivery company to constantly enhance the movement of packages on a global level through innovation and superior customer service.”

Drone adoption in Oman

In 2022, the logistics giant completed the pilot phase of its drone delivery programme in Muscat.

The drone testing is part of the company’s ‘Future Delivery Program’, which aims to leverage the next generation of last-mile delivery solutions to boost delivery efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and generate cost savings.

In February, the company completed the testing of its drone and roadside bot deliveries in Dubai.

The testing involved a multi-modal approach using both drones and autonomous bots and was conducted in partnership with UAE-based BARQ EV and Colombian firm KiwibotBARQ EV specialises in smart mobility and logistics solutions, while Kiwibot deals in delivery robotics.






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