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AJEX ‘nurturing women’ into the Saudi logistics sector

AJEX Logistics Services is nurturing young female graduates’ entry into the logistics sector in Saudi Arabia, which is targeting 30% female participation in the workforce by 2030.
In collaboration with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics and through initiatives like the Saudi Logistics Academy (SLA) programme, AJEX is equipping women with the necessary skills to excel in logistics.
Furthermore, AJEX’s internal Future Leader Programme is a testament to its commitment to developing women leaders within the industry, providing a robust four-year development pathway from frontline roles to senior management. Today, these women are employed in vital roles across the sector, helping to propel the industry forward.
Evolution of global trade
For example, Customer Care Manager at AJEX, Atheer Almisfer’s journey into the logistics sector was sparked by a fascination with the fast-paced evolution of global trade, combined with her passion for connecting with people and building strong relationships.
Her role requires her to refine client experiences continually and manage customer disputes efficiently. She does so by applying the ‘7 Cs of Logistics’ – Connect, Create, Customise, Coordinate, Consolidate, Collaborate, and Contribute – to elevate the customer experience to new heights.
Having adopted this approach, Almisfer has been trailblazing in her role, cultivating and sustaining relationships with important stakeholders, streamlining customer service processes, and overall raising customer satisfaction levels. Based on her expertise and knowledge, she has developed a training curriculum, supporting the development of her colleagues’ skills, as well as implementing a survey to track and monitor progress to ensure customer satisfaction.
Speaking on her role in the Saudi logistics industry, Almisfer commented: “To stay ahead, we must innovate and constantly refine our logistics processes to meet each client’s unique needs. In this regard, women can play a vital role in support of the growth and development of Saudi Arabia’s logistics industry, bringing invaluable perspectives, skills, and leadership to the table that benefit the end-user.”
Panoramic view
For Arwa Alhejji, Business Finance and Credit Controller at AJEX, her initial role in customer service provided a panoramic view of the logistics industry, fostering a deep understanding of how financial strategy is integral to the flow of goods and services.
“Starting my career in customer service at AJEX was more than just a job; it was the foundation of my journey in the logistics industry. From handling shipping and distribution to mastering quick deliveries, every challenge became an opportunity to learn and adapt. Facing challenges taught me the value of resilience and the importance of finding solutions fast. AJEX provided me with the platform to develop a comprehensive understanding of logistics intricacies, empowering me to confidently navigate through any obstacles that come my way,” she said.
Her commitment to financial excellence at AJEX is not just about numbers—it’s about shaping the economic narratives that enable businesses and economies to thrive. “In logistics, you’re part of a bigger story,” she adds, underscoring the vast opportunities the sector holds for those who dare to delve into its depths. She encourages women considering a logistics career to dive in, emphasising the industry’s diverse opportunities and openness to analytical minds and aspiring leaders alike.
Inclusive culture
HR Operations Manager, Amjaad Mohammed, meanwhile, was inspired to enter logistics “to be part of something transformative—not just for businesses, but for society,” she shares. Her work at AJEX goes beyond the traditional HR role; it’s about nurturing talent and fostering an inclusive culture that empowers all employees to contribute their best. “In my HR role at AJEX, one of my proudest accomplishments is spearheading a diversity and inclusion initiative that has transformed our workforce.
Through inclusive policies and career development programmes, we have achieved remarkable progress in gender representation, attracting and retaining talented women across all levels of the organization. Today, 21% of AJEX employees are women, including two of our Chief Officers, a rate well above the industry-standard,” she says.
Moreover, by keeping abreast of logistics trends, Mohammed ensures that AJEX’s workforce is not only prepared for the challenges of today but also equipped for the opportunities of tomorrow. “In logistics, the ability to think analytically, solve problems, and adapt quickly is crucial,” she explains.
In terms of advice to other women looking to enter traditionally male-dominated sectors, such as logistics she says: “Embrace your strengths, forge meaningful networks for support, and have unwavering belief in your capabilities. Seek out mentors, challenge stereotypes, and passionately advocate for inclusivity. These actions are key to not just surviving but thriving in this dynamic sector.”
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